January 5, 2021

My Top 10 Favorite Recent Purchases

The holidays are over, and so is 2020…finally! As things wind down I’ve been looking back on the items that really helped me through quarantine this year. Maybe Santa forgot a few items on your list, or maybe you just don’t know what to put that Christmas money towards. Whatever the case, I’ve pulled together a quick list of my top 10 FAVORITE purchases that provided a little retail therapy through 2020.

1) Caraway Pans – Free of all those nasty harsh chemicals (go watch the movie Black Water if you want to scare yourself straight outta using Teflon) and also beautiful to look at! These pans come in a bunch of different colors, plus the nonstick really holds up! You can even get $25 off at checkout (No code needed) by using this link.

2) Away Luggage – I got the full size for Christmas (yay!) since I already had the carry-on and knew I’d love it. It’s lightweight, has 360-degree wheels so no more tripping over your bag, and even has a charger for your phone on top. And here’s to wishful hoping that 2021 will allow for more travel. If you want to be inspired here are some of my favorite tips and trips!

3) Amazon Foot massager – We could all use a little more physical touch these days. Dave and I, no lie, use this thing every night. LOVE! Not a “sexy” purchase. But I promise you this will be your favorite purchase. Probably my favorite purchase of 2020.

4) Vitamix – It’s very pricey yes, but SO worth the investment. If you like smoothies, need a food processor, enjoy cooking, etc, then this is for you! Plus it looks so pretty on the counter!

5) New Candles. I love the look and smell of this one from Anthropologie!

6) A Nespresso Machine – Ever since I used to sell Pharmaceuticals (a lifetime ago) I’ve had a bit of a Starbucks addiction. An every day, sometimes twice a day addiction…not proud of it. I’ve tried everything from your run of the mill Mr. Coffee machine to a $400 espresso machine and nothing has gotten me off that Starbucks crack until my Nespresso. I barely ever go now. Dave and my wallet are both very proud of me.

7) Super Goop Glowscreen – My mom taught me at a young age that taking care of your skin starts with sunscreen. I can’t say I’ve always listened, but as the wrinkles creep in, I realize it’s never too late to start. I wear this every day if I don’t wear full makeup. It smells good, doesn’t make me break out, and gives that perfect sun-kissed glow.

8) The Amazon Ring Light Tripod We brought this to family Christmas and the beach! It’s so easy to use, set up, and transport! It comes with a remote so you can press a button and have your photo taken vs having to be on a timer. It works with both Andriod and Iphone or you can hook your camera up to it! Anddddd its only $39.99!

9) Lululemon Align LeggingsI’m here to tell you, I’ve tried every legging there is, and I always come back to these. I probably have close to 10 pairs of them at this point. Not because they wear out, but because I want every color, twice. It’s an addiction. Go order yourself a pair and thank me later.

10) Titos Vodka- Because we could all use a little help. Titos has really been there for me this year and I 12/10 recommend. It’s still Moscow mule season, people! Linking my favorite Moscow Mule mugs here!

Xx- Amanda

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