Wellness Wednesday: Four Workout Brands I love

April 15, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: Four Workout Brands I love

Wellness Wednesday: Four Workout Brands I love

Dave and I were reflecting last night on some of the positives of being quarantined and we both agreed that we are so happy to be able to find time to work out and prioritize our health. I’ve been using the 21 day free trial of OpenFit and am loving it! I can stream the class to my smart tv and do the workouts in my living room. The Openfit app has something for everyone. HIIT, kickboxing, yoga. I’ve been doing the XBPilates class and really loving that. Its only 20 mins long and best of all its real people. I’ve done some at-home workout classes before where the virtual girl demonstrates the exercises and that’s fine but since we are socially distancing, the actual people in a workout class on TV just makes me feel that much more connected to other humans.

Before I do my at-home workout today I thought I’d share a couple of athleisure brands that I love maybe you hadn’t heard of before. Happy hump day friends! xxo – Amanda


Bandier has great workout clothes as well as athleisure. Make sure you check back in with them in the fall. Their jacket game is strong.

Free People

I would have never thought to look on Free People for workout clothes but am so glad I did.


I just discovered Carbon38 through the pilates coach on Openfit. I love their liquid finish leggings!


Alo has such beautiful spring colors. I ordered some shorts and bras and am really tempted by all these pastel-colored leggings.

Thanks for checking this post out guys! If you loved some of the ideas mentioned in this article, then be sure to share on social, connect with me through the comments, and check out some of the other blog posts posted on my site or shop my daily looks here. I am so excited to be here sharing my life with you and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and following along

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