September 8, 2019

Favorite Fall Nail Colors

Fall is here and I am here for it! Pumpkin flavor everything, comfy clothes, booties, sweaters, bonfires! Without a doubt, sign me up for it all! I put together a list of my favorite fall nail colors below. So, whether you are wearing a chunky beige sweater with jeans and booties or a graphic tee and sneakers, these colors below will make any outfit feel upscale and on-trend.

I also put together a little list of things that will help showcase your beautiful nails!

1. Choose a shape

My favorite shape for fall is a longer almond, but I find that slightly squared off nails work well too. 

2. Moisturize your cuticles 

The photos below are flawless and it’s because each cuticle is moisturized. You definitely don’t want gorgeous nails with dry hands! I personally love this cuticle moisturizer & this hand lotion! The reason being is because both last a long time and don’t leave you feeling too greasy.

3. Wear rings

For those who love rings, I recommend wearing some gold or silver pieces with your newly painted nails. Believe it or not, it really does make them shine!

I like to purchase cheap rings at Shein or Urban Outfitters, however for longer-lasting expensive pieces, I typically head to Nordstrom.

Favorite fall nail colors
Perfect Match – “Flirt Alert”

favorite fall nail colors
OPI – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountain”

favorite fall nail colors
OPI – “Seven Wonders of OPI”

favorite fall nail colors
OPI – “Tickle My Francey”

OPI – “Berlin There Done That”

Essie “Berry Naughty”

Thanks for checking this post out guys! If you loved some of the ideas mentioned in this article, then be sure to share on social, connect with me through the comments, and check out some of the other blog posts posted on my site.

Above all, I am so excited to be here sharing my life with you and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and following along.

Xx Amanda

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