April 3, 2019

Must-Have Baby Essentials


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  1. LIFE IN PLAY Life in Play ToteSavvy Diaper Bag Alternative ( If you have a large purse that you use this is a GREAT insert! It has so many great pockets and you can use it just as an organizer for your things also. I use mine to travel with and it’s so great! That’s why I included this as a must-have baby essentials.)
  2.  Aqua Pure Baby Wipes (Soft in their skin and no harsh chemicals.) 
  3. Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads (These were my best friend! The throw aways were too harsh on my skin and you could see them through some bras. I can’t sing the praises of these enough!) 
  4. Aveeno Face & Hand Wipes (I just discovered these a couple of weeks ago and they go everywhere with us!) 
  5. Velcro Swaddle (Babies are trained escape artists. This ensures they stay nice and snug so you can sleep longer. Amen!) 
  6. UppaBaby Vista (This is THE best stroller. I have two and this is my fav! It has huge storage on the bottom so you can shop easily, it has a snack tray attachment you can buy here, it’s cute, folds easily, and you can make it a double stroller if needed plus there is a ride along attachment. If you like the look but don’t need so many features to try the UppaBaby Cruz.
  7. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (Hands down the best butt cream and I have tried them all! Nothing is worse than a baby crying from diaper rash. This is your miracle.) 
  8. The Grass Patch (We just put this away at 20 months. It’s so great for drying all the little parts for bottles and sippy cups.) 
  9. Aden and Anais Swaddles (While I strictly used velcro swaddles, these were great burp clothes and little blankies. They have the cutest prints!) 
  10. Graco Baby 4Ever All-in-One Car Seat (This car seat really grows with them and is the easiest to get them in and out of. We also have the Nuna and I prefer this 1000%.) 
  11. DocATot Delux(Noah slept in this in the play-yard for the first 3 months. It was great for napping on the couch or bringing to other peoples houses. He could just sleep in the middle of a big bed in this thing and we could leave the pack and play at home.) 
  12. Nest Cameras (I can watch Noah while I am at work from these. It’s so nice to see him during the day. If you love your kid as much as I do, you’ll definitely see this as a must-have baby essentials.) 
  13. Fischer Price Rock And Play (When Noah would be a fussy sleeper this was my go-to) 
  14. Pampers Pure Diapers (A diaper that doesn’t leak and is also not made with all the bad stuff!) 
  15. Magnetic Onesie (The best baby shower gift! A little more than a normal onesie but when you are exhausted the magnets are just so great!) 
  16. 4Moms MommaRoo (Noah loved this. It does all kinds of motions and has all kinds songs to rock to. We kept it in our living room and he would nap in it or sit in it contently while I made dinner.) 
  17. TWELVElittle Quilted Water Resistant Nylon Diaper Backpack (I saw a girl at church with this and knew I had to have it. Definitely my favorite. Shoulder bags can be hard when you are trying to carry a baby and anything else like coffee or groceries. I love love loveeee this bag! Washable, wipeable, wearable.) 
  18. Nuna Playyard (We had the less expensive pack and play and my parents bought this for their house. And now it lives at my house because it’s so wonderful! It’s soooooooo easy to put up and take down. I can’t recommend this enough.) 
  19. Munchkin PAIL Diaper Pail (We have had other brands and this is far superior. No smells, and a clean look) 
  20. Nose Frida (If you don’t have this, you need it)
  21. Silicone Bibs (Wipeable, washable, with a pouch to catch spills. It’s a game changer.)

OK, so I admit…

When I started writing this blog post it was going to be like five items tops but then I just couldn’t stop! I kept thinking of more stuff and it all seemed too good to leave off! I’m asked all the time by my fellow mom to be friends what are the must-have items so I thought I would do a round-up!

Okay, so I know there are thousands of  brands out there that carry similar products and it can be a little overwhelming! Some organic, more expensive, less expensive, different features; I spent two hours looking at strollers online alone!

I added some notes above to explain each product and why it’s my fav. Everyone is different and every baby is different! I tried to keep this list as baby neutral as possible. Some babies are very particular about what kind of carriers they like or pacifiers but every baby loves a good butt cream!

Did you like what you read?

Thanks for checking this must-have baby essentials post! If you loved some of the ideas mentioned in this article, then be sure to share on social, connect with me through the comments, and check out some of the other blog posts posted on my site. I am so excited to be here sharing my life with you and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and following along.

xoxo Amanda




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